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BJ Constructions

We are serving in the field of construction and home making with honesty and transparency. BJ Constructions is a company of professional principles and quality. We have an unique heritage of best services from our esteemed BJ Jewellers and a history of customer satisfaction since six generations.
Mahendra Phulfagar, who is face of BJ Constructions is an experienced civil engineer and has obtained his Master’s degree from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. He decided to expand family business and entered in construction field.
We have successfully completed many housing projects like Kamal Park phase one and two, Riveria. Now 5 Audumber is our dream project that is getting its shapes with a great speed.
BJ Constructions has a rich heritage of dedicated and committed customer service since 167 years under its family business BJ Jewellers. It carries the same quality values, principles, loyalty and transparency in every transaction.
BJ Constructions has earned its own place, status, trust and prestige by its quality and unique projects as well as distinguished customer service.
After very successful response for residential projects, BJ Constructions has now entered in commercial complex and township projects. We always starve to complete our each and every promise and commitment made to our customers.
Quality, creativity, innovative vision and trustworthy relation are the mirror images of BJ Constructions. One can bring his dreams about home or business place in reality.